The Let Down

by L.J.P

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Songs of love, loss and pain


released June 1, 2018

Music & Lyrics - L.J.P
All instruments - L.J.P
Mixed in Ottawa, Canada - L.J.P
Mastered in Gorey, Ireland at - Darragh Nolan


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



L.J.P Ottawa, Ontario

Music first
Poetry second
Singer by default
I write from the heart, I write for me

Previous work includes;

Stone Melodies
Angel Pier
Southern Mud
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Track Name: It Takes Two
you and i can go anywhere
name a time and place i'm there
we'll light a fire to warm the bones
moonlit waves and skipping stones

cause it takes two to make things right
i don't care who wins this fight
it's you and i till the end of time
and i know i'll be the one tonight

tonight is just another night
but if the stars alight and the breeze is right
we'll take this path up this hill
where for a moment our dreams are real

time wins again
but i got you till the end my friend
Track Name: Stronger
we must be a little stronger
cause nothing stays the same
and this cold weather now
hurtin' my bones making me feel older

how can i explain
the thoughts in my mind the haunt me everyday

dancing in the summer rain
we were just two kids back then
afraid of love
now the summer's gone away
but i still feel the same, again
but now you only love me when i'm drunk

we must feel some sadness
to know that we are real
and these memories
coming back to get through this madness

now can you explain
the difference that is
living life or living death
Track Name: You Say
you say
you don't want to play this game
but who are we even playing for
when you don't answer my telephone calls

when i call you in the middle of the night to see
if you're doing alright, give you some honesty
you leave me hanging around

you say
you don't wanna fight this fight
but what are we even fighting for
when there is no prize behind this door

when i come in the middle of the night to see
if you need a little lovin', some guarantee

you just lead me on

everytime you lead me on
i come back wanting more
Track Name: All We Got Is Hope
she's been running all through her life
she never tasted the good she's got inside
she just needs a little time to breathe

and he will love you if you let him
let them bastards fade away
and you can hold him
if you want to let love take you away

he's been working
he ain't got time to play
he's a good good boy
simply lost his way
he just needs a little time to breathe

everytime you walk away
shed your skin, lose the pain
everytime you dry a tear
let the past disappear
all we got is hope
Track Name: Leave The Light On
you're miles away from home
i'm tired of being alone
and i miss you
i'm rollin' with the waves
heart sinking like a stone
there's no-one like you

i'll leave the light on so you can find your way home
i've learned a few things since the day you been gone
our love is stronger than what i used to know
i'll leave the light on, baby please come home
Track Name: Life Is A Dance Floor
you move so patiently with me in mind
i'm always in the clouds with you as my guide
i don't care where you're going
as long as you're with me
i don't care what you're doing
as long as you do it to me

life is a dance floor so let your hair down
life is a dance floor nobody is watching us now
if we can get it right we'll reach new heights
if it all ends tonight will you be satisfied?

you kiss so gently each and everytime
i'm always wanting more of what's on your mind
i don't care where you're going
as long as you're with me
i don't care what you're doing
as long as you do it to me
Track Name: Getting By?
we've been here before
when the night turns into dawn
and how much more can we take
when every drink turns into two mistakes

are we just getting by?
by doing "what is right"
i wanna life a full life
with you by my side

every mistake that you make
turns into gold
your body, mind and soul
i'm never alone

we've been here before
its the price we pay for love
and how much more can we take
when each heartbeat ends the day

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